1. What is EHallPass?

    EHallPass is a cloudbased hall pass management system designed to streamline and digitize the process of managing student movement within a school environment. It allows teachers to create, monitor, and track student hall passes electronically, eliminating the need for traditional paper passes.

    2. Who created EHallPass?

    EHallPass is the creation of Eduspire Solutions, an education technology company founded by Nathan Hammond in 2011. Eduspire Solutions is dedicated to developing innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by schools in managing various aspects of education.

    3. Who invented E HallPass?

    Nathan Hammond, the Founder and Executive Director of Eduspire Solutions, officially introduced EHallPass in 2013. This digital hall pass management system was among the earliest to be introduced in the market, demonstrating innovation in school management technology.

    4. How to use E HallPass?

    EHallPass operates through a simple and intuitive interface. Students can request a hall pass by scanning a QR code, and entering their destination and reason. Teachers then approve or deny the request. The system also provides realtime updates on student whereabouts and detailed reports on hall pass usage.

    5. How much does EHallPass cost?

    EHallPass offers flexible and adaptable pricing packages for schools. Additionally, they provide a free trial called “ehallpass free pilot,” allowing schools and districts to explore the functionality before investing.

    6. What is EHall Pass?

    EHallPass is a digital hall pass system that allows students to request and receive electronic hall passes from their teachers using any device with a web browser. It replaces traditional paper passes, offering a more efficient and secure way to manage student movement within a school.

    7. E HallPass PIN?

    Following your ehallpass sign up, you must configure and finish your profile.  Click on “My Profile,” the first menu item, located on the left side of the screen. Fill all the fields, including those for your name, email address, time zone, school, and district. Verify the profile prefill data and provide a PIN in the file field.  The passes are approved using your PIN. Four to six characters, either letters, numbers, or a combination of both, can make up your PIN. Remember that the standard keyboard on a device with iOS only displays letters.

    8. What is a Proxy pass on ehallpass?

    A Proxy Pass is a feature within the digital ehall pass system that allows teachers to create a pass on behalf of a student. This pass, known as a Proxy Pass, enables a student to leave the classroom for a specific purpose or destination, and it is initiated by the teacher rather than the student.

    Steps to Create a Proxy Pass:

    1. Access Proxy Pass:

        Navigate to the lefthand menu on the teacher dashboard.

        Click on “Proxy Pass”.

    2. Select the Student:

        Choose the specific student for whom you are creating the pass.

    3. Choose Destination:

        Identify the destination where the student will go.

        Use buttons created under “Rooms,” and make them favorites by clicking the star in front of the room name.

    4. Provide Reason for the Pass:

        Write in a reason for the pass in the designated field.

    5. Create Pass:

        After specifying the student, destination, and reason, click on the “Create Pass” button located at the bottom of the page.

    6. View on Teacher Dashboard:

        On your teacher dashboard, the pass will be visible and resemble a studentgenerated pass.

    Note that the “Type” field on the pass will display “PRX” instead of “STU,” indicating that it is a Proxy Pass created by the teacher.

    By following these steps, teachers can efficiently generate Proxy Passes for students, providing a digital and streamlined solution for managing student movement within the school environment.

    9. Problems with EHall Pass?

    While EHallPass aims to address traditional issues associated with paper passes, potential problems could include technical issues, user errors, or challenges in implementation. Schools and users should refer to support resources or contact EHallPass support for assistance with any issues.

    10. Why can’t I log into E HallPass?

    If you are experiencing login issues with EHallPass, you should ensure you are using the correct login credentials. If problems persist, contact the school’s EHallPass administrator or talk to ehallpass support for assistance.

    11. E HallPass for Students?

    EHallPass is designed for both teachers and students. Students can use the system to request hall passes electronically, making the process more streamlined and efficient.

    12. Why is E HallPass so bad?

    While we live in the machine era, digital systems can sometimes generate errors. These errors or issues are temporary and do not last for long. If you are experiencing any technical error while operating ehall pass, contact to ehallpass support. The support is 24/7 available for the valued customers.

    13. Why is E HallPass not working?

    If EHallPass is not working as expected, users should check for technical issues, ensure they have a stable internet connection, and contact EHallPass support for assistance.

    14. How to see your history on E HallPass?

    To review the ehall pass history within the EHallPass system, follow these steps:

    1. Access Pass History:

        Click on “Pass History” located in the lefthand menu on your dashboard.

    2. View Last 30 Days:

        Upon entering the Pass History page, you will automatically see the history from the last 30 days.

    3. Refine Search:

        For a more specific analysis, utilize the search options to narrow down results.

        Specify a particular time, select a specific student, or designate a particular location.

    4. Choose View Format:

      You can see the pass history in your personal dashboard or you can download the CSV or Excel file for a more detailed format. 

    Teachers can easily access and analyze the pass history within the EHallPass system, gaining valuable insights into student movements and ensuring effective classroom management. This feature provides a user-friendly and organized approach to monitoring and understanding the dynamics of hall pass usage over time.

    15. How to cancel a pass on EHallPass?

    To cancel a pass, you need to click the red cancel button on your dashboard. It will cancel the pass active for a specific student.

    16. Is EHallPass illegal?

    EHallPass is a secure, authentic, and legal platform, designed to manage the hall traffic across school in a more managed and flexible way. There is no illegal activity involved with the ehallpass. Instead ehallpass allows schools and teachers to keep an eye on the misconduct and restricted gatherings outside the classroom.

    17. Can you get banned from EHallPass?

    Engaging in inappropriate behavior or violating the terms of service could result in consequences, including potential restrictions or bans. Users should adhere to the platform’s rules and guidelines.

    18. Is E HallPass down?

    Users experiencing difficulties accessing EHallPass should check their internet connection and contact EHallPass support for information on any potential service interruptions.

    19. Is E HallPass free?

    EHallPass offers a free trial called “ehallpass free pilot.” However, for ongoing use, it typically involves a reasonable cost based on flexible pricing packages. The cost is usually, $3 per student.

    20. Why is my E HallPass yellow?

    If your EHallPass is displaying a yellow color, it indicates that you have exceeded a duration of 10 minutes. This yellow color serves as a warning to teachers, signaling that the student may have been outside the classroom for an extended period, possibly raising concerns about their engagement and focus on academic tasks. The yellow color is designed to draw attention to instances where a student’s absence may be prolonged, allowing teachers to take proactive measures to ensure that students return promptly and stay on track with their coursework.

    21. E HallPass blocked?

    If users are experiencing issues with EHallPass being blocked, it could be due to various reasons such as network restrictions or technical issues. Users should contact their school’s IT department or EHallPass support for assistance.

    22. E HallPass tutorial for students?

    Every school’s administration designs and upload a guidebook or user manual to their official website. The guidebook provides complete information regarding to students’ and teachers account and login.

    23. E Hall Pass in schools?

    EHallPass is designed for use in schools to digitize and streamline the hall pass management process, offering benefits in terms of efficiency and security.

    24. Problems with E HallPass?

    Potential problems could include technical issues, user errors, or challenges in implementation. Schools and users should refer to support resources or contact EHallPass support for assistance with any issues.

    25. E HallPass student login?

    Students can likely log into EHallPass using their provided credentials, such as a username and password. Additionally, ehallpass login can be accessed via Classlink, Office 365, Google, Clever, and GG4L. These are one-time signup tools provided by schools to access all applications in one space. The login process may vary according to every school and district. Students should refer to the platform’s interface or contact support for guidance.

    26. E HallPass teacher login?

    • To begin, launch e-hall pass and select Login with Google.
    • Use your School’s Google Account to log in.
    • Go to the My Profile section.
    • To edit or add a new profile photo for yourself, click Profile photo. When students search for you, this is what comes up. For this, emoji is an excellent option.
    • From the drop-down menu, choose your title such as Mr. or Miss.
    • Verify that the first and last names you use are correct.
    • For students to CREATE A PASS with you as the destination, you need to make sure that you select YES.
    • Create a PIN to enable speedy pass approval. Your PIN can have no more than four or six characters, including spaces.
    • Once completed, click SAVE PROFILE.
    • Next time, you’ll use your credentials to log in to ehallpass.

    27. E Hall Pass video for students?

    Students can find instructional videos on using EHallPass within the platform’s documentation or support resources. Mostly the scools upload videos on their official YouTube channel or in the school’s website. Teachers may also guide students through video tutorials in the class.

    28. Alternatives to E HallPass?

    There may be various alternatives to EHallPass available in the market. Schools and educators can explore different digital hall pass management systems to find the one that best suits their needs.

    29. E HallPass Google login?

    Teachers and students can login ehallpass with Google by using their currently signed-up Google account.  All they need is to click on Google option and follow the further procedure.

    30. Why does E HallPass turn yellow?

    If a student’s pass goes over ten minutes, it will turn yellow on the instructor’s screen to warn you that the student is not on its way to the class.

    31. How to get more passes on EHallPass?

    Multiple hall pass can be created on the teacher’s dashboard, allowing more than one student to go out of class. However the maximum number of students allowed at once to go outside the class depends upon the specific school and administration.

    32. How to end E HallPass?

    When students return to the class, the teacher will click on the student’s name and click on the end button.

    33. How to stop an E HallPass?

    To exit the room, just press the start button. Your pass will become active and appear green in the system as a result. To stop the pass, press the stop option when you get back to the classroom.

    34. How to get unlimited passes on EHallPass?

    Only a teacher or administrator can set the pass limit. This is not the student’s area to get unlimited pass.  A teacher can set a pass limit for every student. This could be daily, weekly, or monthly. The pass limit indicates how many times a specific student can go outside the class on weekly basis or so.