GG4L login

Login to EHallPass with GG4L

The GG4L allows teachers, students as well as parents to access its dashboard. GG4L (Global Grid 4 Learning) is similar to Clever and Classlink.

Sign in as a student or teacher.

  1. Navigate to the GG4L login page and provide your login details.
  2. Choose the EHallPass app from the GG4L homepage after logging in.
  3. After that, you’ll be taken to the EHallPass login screen, where your username and password must be entered.
  4. After entering your login information, click the login button.
  5. Ehall pass dashboard will be open.

Login as a Parent

  1. Navigate to the GG4L login screen.
  • Click on the “Sign in as parent” option.
  • First choose your child’s school.
  • After choosing the desired school, it will ask you to put in the Username and Password.
  • Enter both and click on “Sign in” button.
  • You will be entered in the dashboard of your child’s school GG4L dashboard.
  • From the dashboard of the school, select the EHallPass application.
  • The username and password for your child will need to be entered on the EHallPass login screen after you are redirected.
  • Click the login button after entering your child’s login information.
  • That’s it.

Basic purpose of these platforms is to provide a collective access to all digital tools and educational apps on a single space. Students can access apps like ehallpass on a Single-sign-on platforms like Clever, Classlink and GG4L.