Clever login

The K–12 (Kindergarten to grade 12) platform, Clever was created to streamline and enhance the use of technology in the classroom. Its main purpose is to act as a central location for educational apps, which facilitates teachers’ and students’ access to and usage of a variety of online stuff. By streamlining the login procedure, Clever enables users to access various tools with a single sign-in and no additional accounts. You can login to E-Hall Pass via Clever.

E HallPass Clever login:

  1. First open the official website of your school.
  2. Find and click on the Clever.
  3. You will be redirected to Clever login area.
  4. To access the E-Hall Pass app on the Clever account, you first need to login to your Clever account.
  5. After entering the Clever portal, find the E-Hall Pass app icon.
  6. It could be accessible via the app bar, on the dashboard’s main page, or categorized alphabetically.
  7. Click on the E-hall Pass app.
  8. This could instantly open the E-Hall Pass app, or the E-Hall Pass dashboard on your web browser, depending on the configuration of your school’s website.

Log in to e-hallpass clever (if necessary):

  1. If prompted, you might need to log in specifically to E-Hall Pass again. This could be with your:
  2. Clever credentials: If your school uses single sign-on (SSO), your Clever login should automatically grant you access.
  3. E-Hall Pass credentials: Some schools might require a separate username and password for E-Hall Pass, provided by your teacher or school administrator.

After logging in successfully, the E-Hall Pass interface ought to appear. Then, as permitted, you can access your pass history, request hall passes, and change your account settings.