EHallPass offers a free pilot program to schools and districts interested in trying out their digital hall pass and student monitoring system before committing to a paid subscription. This program allows schools to experience the benefits of eHallPass first-hand and see how it can improve their student safety, efficiency, and overall learning environment.

Here’s what the ehallpass free pilot typically includes:

  • Full access to all core eHallPass features: This includes requesting hall passes, tracking student locations, receiving real-time alerts, and managing pass approvals.
  • Limited user count: The free pilot typically has a limit on the number of students and staff who can use the system, usually around 25-50 users.
  • Limited timeframe: The pilot program usually lasts for a specific period, often 30-60 days, to give schools enough time to test and evaluate the system.
  • Dedicated support: eHallPass provides support and training resources to help schools get started with the pilot program and answer any questions they may have.

Benefits of participating in the eHallPass free pilot:

  • Experience the system firsthand: Schools can see how eHallPass works in their specific environment and assess its effectiveness.
  • Identify potential benefits: The pilot program allows schools to identify how eHallPass can improve their safety, efficiency, and data collection.
  • Make informed decisions: Participating in the pilot helps schools make an informed decision about whether to purchase a full eHallPass subscription.
  • No financial commitment: The free pilot allows schools to try eHallPass without any financial risk.

Eligibility for the eHallPass free pilot:

  • The program is typically available to schools and districts of all sizes.
  • Some restrictions or specific requirements might apply depending on eHallPass’s current availability and promotional offers.

How to apply for the eHallPass free pilot:

  • Contact eHallPass directly through the website.
  • You will be walked through the application process and eligibility requirements.
  • Once approved, you can set up your free pilot account and start using eHallPass.

EHallPass Pricing

The average cost of ehallpass is $3.50 per students. Furthermore, the other price options depends upon various factors including following:

  • Number of students: Larger schools with more students typically pay a higher annual fee compared to smaller schools.
  • Contract length: Schools opting for longer contracts (e.g., multi-year agreements) often receive discounted rates compared to those on shorter, month-to-month plans.
  • Features & customizations: Some schools might choose additional features or customization options beyond the basic eHallPass package, which can impact the overall cost.
  • Location & region: Pricing might differ slightly depending on the school’s location and any regional factors influencing software licensing or support costs.

There are some pricing plans available:

  • Per-student fee: This is the most common pricing model, where schools pay a set fee per student enrolled. The typical average fee is $3.50 per student.
  • Flat annual fee: Some schools, especially smaller ones, might negotiate a flat annual fee regardless of the student count. This option can be more cost-effective for smaller schools but might not be as scalable for larger institutions.
  • Monthly subscription: While less common, some schools might opt for a monthly subscription model for eHallPass. This can offer more flexibility but might result in higher overall costs compared to annual plans.

All things considered, the eHallPass free pilot is an excellent chance for schools to investigate the possible advantages of this digital hall pass system before investing money. To enhance student safety, effectiveness, and data collecting in your school, get more information about eHallPass’s free pilot program by getting in touch.

Please get in touch with us if you have any more inquiries concerning eHallPass free pilot.