EHallPass iOS

E-hall pass application

The e-hall pass system has revolutionized the way schools manage student movement within their premises. By digitizing the traditional paper hall pass system, the E-HallPass app not only streamlines the process but also enhances security and accountability. With features like real-time tracking of hall passes and customizable permissions, teachers and administrators can efficiently monitor student whereabouts while ensuring privacy and safety.

More than 1000 schools across USA use ehallpass application including the top schools like Parkway School District, Missouri, Oxford School District, Mississippi, Wilmington Public Schools, Massachusetts Wilson County Schools, North Carolina, Weymouth Public Schools, Massachusetts, Rush City Schools, Minnesota, and Carlisle Community Schools, Iowa.

Reviews and ratings from above mentioned schools show that E-HallPass not only simplifies the conventional hall pass procedure but also includes cutting-edge social distancing tools to guarantee a safer learning environment. Beyond just being convenient, this comprehensive solution actively addresses issues like preventing chaos, prohibited gatherings, smoking, writing on walls, and beyond. E-HallPass uses state-of-the-art technology to improve security and foster a focused, orderly learning environment that benefits both staff and students.

This is an era where iPad and mobile sets are a significant part of the education system, especially in the United States. Teachers as well as students prefer reading through screens rather than books. E-HallPass was initially designed to be used as a website. However after the notable demand of the increasing users, it launched the mobile app. The Eduspire Solutions mobile app, known as Securly Pass, is accessible to users of tablets, iPads, and smartphones. The application is available for your smartphone, iPad, and tablet on both the Apple and Android operating systems. The EHallPass application was released on May 16, 2019, by Eduspire Solutions LLC.

How to access the E-HallPass mobile app?

The E-HallPass iOS is available both for Android and iOS.

If you are a iPhone user, download E-HallPass mobile app here. If you are using Android, download E-HallPass application here.

EHallPass Mobile App Features

  • Effective Traffic Control: Minimize infection risk with a notouch hall pass system for regulating hallway traffic.
  • Location Access Control: Grant or deny students access to specific locations, giving teachers control over student activities.
  • Pass Volume Management: Set limits on passes per student, setting, or building for efficient pass distribution.
  • Customized Reporting: Generate tailored reports on pass usage for comprehensive insights.
  • Comprehensive Building Security: Strengthen building security by providing teachers immediate access to crucial information.
  • Realtime Dynamic Dashboard: Monitor pass details in realtime with an easytouse dashboard.
  • Responsive Incident Management: Utilize realtime hall pass data for quick incident response.
  • Improved Visibility: Continuously monitor pass status for better overall visibility.
  • Heightened Accountability: Foster transparency and accountability in the learning environment by tracking all hall passes.
  • Maximize Instructional Time: Reduce arbitrary pass usage during class hours for increased focus on education.
  • Actionable NonInstructional Data: Gain insights into free time for informed decisionmaking.
  • Effectively Stop Frequent Flyers: Identify and discourage frequent pass abusers.
  • HandsFree Approval: Streamline pass approval with minimal distractions.
  • Avoid Abuse of Hall Passes: Ensure proper use of hall passes to prevent abuse.
  • Prevention of Smoking and Destruction: Protect school property by controlling student access to certain locations.
  • Stop Outside Class Chitchatting: Prevent unauthorized student gatherings outside classrooms.
  • Strategic Location Limits: Restrict passes to specific areas to control disruptive behaviors.
  • Enhanced Accountability: Strengthen accountability to discourage mischief and unauthorized activities.
  • Adaptive Pass Scheduling: Easily generate passes from any device, seeking approval from available instructors.
  • Empowerment of Teachers: Simplify pass planning for educators using any device.
  • Student Pass Requests: Enable students to request passes, allowing teachers to approve or disallow access.
  • Automatic Hall Pass Notifications: Send timely automated reminders to teachers and students for scheduled appointments.

More features

Remain Smart and Effective:

  • immediate pass updates: See approvals and denials right away, which reduces confusion and saves time.
  • Detailed scheduling: Quickly view class schedules, breaks, and activities.
  • Real-time alerts: Keep up with any schedule adjustments and significant updates.

Easily Apply and Control Passes:

  • Requests for mobile passes can be easily submitted right from your phone.
  • No more passes on paper: Get away with the headache of printing and misplacing paper passes.
  • instructor-free process: Pass approvals can be obtained without the need for instructor intervention.

Non-contact Ticketing and Exit:

  • Scan QR codes using your phone to check in and out quickly and easily.
  • Limits the propagation of germs: keeps hands away from shared electronics, encouraging hygiene.
  • Better tracking: Offers precise location information for students.

Smooth Security and Login:

  • Clever integration: For a quick and safe login, use your current Clever credentials.
  • Access made simpler: No need to keep track of numerous logins.
  • Added privacy safeguards ensure that only authorized users can access the EHall Pass app.

Maintain Control Over Your Schedule:

  • Push notifications: Get instant alerts about meetings, timetable modifications, and pass requests or rejections.
  • Never overlook a due date: Notifications that arrive on time keep you organized and informed.

Obtain Important Knowledge:

  • Historical data and analytics: Get access to specific student data for in-depth examination.
  • Spot trends: Keep an eye on conduct and take quick action to resolve any problems.
  • Boost responsibility and safety in schools: Utilize insights derived from data to manage effectively.

Customize Your Experience:

  • Personalize alerts: Select which alerts to receive and at what time.
  • Configure pass preferences: Choose the pass category and the explanation for your absence from the class.
  • Adapt the app to your requirements: Savor a customized EHall Pass encounter.

As education progresses in the digital era, e-hall pass application is a positive step toward enhancing effectiveness, security, and informed choices in schools and colleges. The switch from paper-based hall passes to digital ones not only updates administrative procedures but also shows a dedication to using technology to improve educational settings. ehallpass mobile app is clearly going to play a major role in determining the direction of education as more institutions embrace these creative solutions.